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A message from our Managing Director & Board DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC

On behalf of the Board of SACARE. I and the Board wanted to take this opportunity to ensure that you are all safe and well, and to let you know about some of the plans and actions we are undertaking to ensure our clients, their families and our inspirational and dedicated staff are supported through this difficult time.

We are continually reviewing our management and service delivery systems to ensure the safety and welfare of everyone associated with SACARE. We remain committed to ensuring our services continue to be provided with minimal disruption and have developed a communication and information strategy aimed at keeping everyone updated with the latest information as it comes to hand.

We have told you of our plans and commitment to support all casual and permanent staff during this difficult and stressful time and have also told you about necessary hygiene and social distancing policies. Please make sure you comply with all health and social distancing instructions, they remain the best method of containing the spread of COVID-19. We encourage any of you who feel we have overlooked anything, or if you have suggestions about how we might do things better, to contact us. A few of the extra things we have instigated over the last few days include;

  • Increased use of technology to hold ‘face to face’ meetings where we can interact together as we would in a ‘normal’ office environment.
  • Personal telephone or ‘Zoom’ check-ins with our Executive team or other team members working from home,
  • Daily ‘on line’ wellbeing training sessions delivered via ‘Zoom’ by our wellbeing and fitness coach, Salli Toovey,
  • Friday drinks and social catch up – also via ‘Zoom’ – with bar manager, Saif.

If you would like to know how to join any of the on-line discussions, training or social sessions, let us know and we will send scheduled session times and how to access “Zoom”.

We have recently asked all clients and staff to complete a ‘Social and wellbeing survey’ designed to gauge how the SACARE community is coping with reduced face to face contact, self-isolating etc, and to get feedback and suggestions for any communications or activities that you think might, or will, make this challenging, and tedious, situation a little more stimulating and manageable. We will collate all the feedback and implement anything that we think will work.

We thank you all for your dedication and commitment and trust you will all continue to remain safe and well. If there is anything we – the Board or Executive Management Team – can do to help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us or your direct line managers by phone, email or through our website.

Andrew Marshall & Monika Leniger


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