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Introducing Tammie, SACARE's new Occupational Therapist!

The SACARE team would like to introduce Tammie, our new Senior Occupational Therapist! We are so lucky to have Tammie with us, because of her extensive knowledge and expertise, along with her happy and genuine personality. Before we tell you more about Tammie, some of you may be asking, “What is Occupational Therapy?”

Occupational Therapy is a healthcare profession that uses assessments and intervention to help people with activities that they find meaningful. The activities include taking care of one’s self, hobbies, interests, work, or social engagement. Occupational Therapists help bring meaning to an individual’s life, their families, and in the community.


Tammie completed her Master’s in Occupational Therapy in 2008 at the University of South Australia. Since then, she has worked with many organisations within the disability sector including working in complex care units such as Brain Injury, Stroke, Medical, Orthopaedic, Amputee, and Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Units. Tammie has worked with many NDIS participants, providing occupational therapy services for those living in the community with a complex disability.  Tammis  has extensive experience in:

  • Working with adults with high complex needs
  • Postural evaluation, complex wheelchair seating assessment, and prescription
  • Complex home modifications for accessibility, independence, and safety
  • Assessment and evaluation for prescription of Assistive Technology
  • Sensory and cognitive assessments
  • Assessment and retraining of activities of daily living
  • Pressure care management and support

We asked Tammie what she was most looking forward to at SACARE. She said, “I’m most excited to work with new clients to help them achieve their goals and enable them to improve functional gains. I’m also excited to deliver a new allied health service which will aim to support participants to achieve their goals through a multi-disciplinary approach.” 

Tammie is also a mum of two beautiful young children, who previously loved to travel and take part in crazy activities such as sky diving and bungy jumping.

Meet Tammie here, in this mini “Meet the team at SACARE” video:

Tammie works at SACARE’s Supported Accommodation, The Gums whereSACARE participants have access to the sensory gardens, consultation rooms, and a completely fitted out gymnasium. She is also able to meet participants in their own homes. If you would like to learn more about SACARE’s Occupational Therapy services, please email


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