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Inspiring Sensory Gardens from around the World

We have been inspired by so many different gardens around the world during the development of the SACARE Sensory Garden at “The Gums”, Supported Independent Living facility in Salisbury. SACARE has been motivated by sensory and community gardens from around the world!

Some of our most inspirational sources include the following local and global gardens:

‘The Pioneer Court Community Garden’ is a wholehearted South Australian community garden shared by the residents of Highbury. We discovered these guys through a chance encounter in a coffee shop, and could not be happier to have made this connection. The accessible garden hosts a variety of fruits trees, vegetables, native plant species and even some resident bees!

(The Pioneer Court Community Garden, Highbury)


Moving on to the US now, The incredible ‘Lerner Garden of the Five Senses’ in Maine demonstrates just how easy it is to make a beautiful space accessible and enjoyable for everyone. This sensory garden has wide and smooth paths, striker stones bordering the paths and large font signage to help the visually impaired. Benches with backs and arm rests, and five areas that all represent a heightened experience of each of the 5 senses.

(Lerner Garden of the Five Senses, Maine)

(Lerner Garden of the Five Senses, Maine)


And who could ignore the work of ‘Horatio’s Garden’, a charity who create and maintain beautiful gardens for spinal injury centres across the UK. These gardens have been recognised to improve overall health and wellbeing of patients, providing an oasis of flora and greenery. They also host rehabilitation activities like garden therapy, art therapy and music events!

(One of the beautiful Horatio’s Gardens, Scotland)

Lastly, ‘The Joseph Dominik Sensory Garden’ in Kingston, Canada, is a beautiful combination of a community and therapeutic garden, with a focus on sensory stimulation. The garden is fully accessible and provides means to stimulate all 5 senses, including herbs and edible plants, brightly coloured flowers, plants with fun and funky textures, aromatic flowers, and a central water feature to listen to along with the local birds.

(The Joseph Dominik Sensory Garden, Kingston Community Garden Network)

(Herbs and edible plants to stimulate the taste buds, photo by bloggers Plowing Through Life)

It’s amazing to see so many inclusive gardens around the world that everyone can enjoy! These communities and charities, along with so many others have inspired us tremendously, and we can’t wait to launch our own inspirational space. Here comes the WORLD-CLASS SACARE Sensory Garden! (manifest your own reality, right?)

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