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Growing Our Community by Volunteering

The THRIVE team at sacare are excited to launch a new initiative, giving our clients the opportunity to give back to the community around them.

The "THRIVE by Volunteering” program will allow sacare clients to volunteer for organisations in their local community.

There are countless of reasons to volunteer, besides the warm fuzzy happy feelings that come from helping those in need.

Volunteering can increase a sense of purpose and connection to the community. This can result in an increase in self-esteem and potentially diminish feelings of depression, anxiety, loneliness and isolation.

Being an active member in a local charity or organisation will also provide clients the opportunity to meet new people and expand their social circles. Working with others also creates connections and shared experiences, which can be a foundation to build bonds and longer lasting relationships. Social interaction can benefit mental and physical health and regular socialising improves brain function. Besides from this, volunteering can also just be a lot of fun!

Helen Neale, a therapeutic support assistant of THRIVE is the organiser of the THRIVE by Volunteering program believes that volunteering causes ripples of surprising benefits and opportunities that may be hard to define in the first instance, but will definitely arise.

So how will the THRIVE by Volunteering program work?
We already have some amazing charities and organisations on-board with the program, including Food Bank, Food for the Community, Kick Start for Kids, Meals and Wheels and The Joinery. Our goal is to match the passions and interests of our clients with a chosen charity that suit them best. Accompanied by a support worker (if need be), clients will then go out into the community and volunteer!

This initiative will be the first program of its kind in South Australia and we’re so excited to launch it.

If you’re part of the sacare family and would like to get involved with volunteering in your local community, please fill in this form here, or call 1300 145 636.

If you are an organisation or charity looking for volunteers, please email

Did you know that sacare supports a local charity, “Food for The Community”? Read all about it here.

Interested in learning more about the award-winning THRIVE Program, click here.



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