COVID-19 News: Vaccination Update for South Australians

The following information is sourced from the SA Health website. 

Making safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines available to all South Australians is a key priority for SA Health. SA Health is working closely with the Commonwealth Department of Health to develop an implementation plan for South Australia in line with the Vaccine Roadmap announced by the Federal Government.

The COVID-19 vaccination rollout will be complex and vastly different from how vaccination programs are normally administered. It is expected that the vaccine will first be made available to South Australians incrementally from mid-February.

As doses will initially be limited, access to vaccines during the early period of the roll out will be made available to those who are most vulnerable to the effects of COVID 19 or who have the highest risk of being exposed to, or spreading, the virus.

The first phase will include residents and staff of aged and disability care facilities, medi-hotel and airport staff, and health care workers working in high risk exposure and transmission areas, such as COVID testing clinics and emergency departments. The program will take several months to roll out, with vaccination of the general population expected to begin from mid-2021.