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Why Work Experience is Important for Individuals Living With a Disability

The benefits of work experience for young individuals are crucial in order to open doors to career pathways. Disabled people in the workforce unfortunately do not have as many opportunities to experience work in whatever industry, however more than ever, we’re overcoming this issue. It’s incredibly important that employers consider hiring anyone who has enthusiasm to try, no matter what limitations they have.  

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Babies bringing joy to SACARE

Last month the ABC news released a video about a baby that helped bring back memory and speech to an aged care resident with dementia. This made us realize that babies are more powerful than we probably think.

Babies and their mums are paying regular visits to residents in SACARE’s Supported Independent Accommodation facilities and everyone’s loving it! One of SACARE’s support workers at Tolley House, Melissa, has recently returned from maternity leave. While on leave, she brought her five month old daughter Charlotte into visit the clients and staff.