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SACARE and Enhance Training: Educare Course Success!

Over the past few months SACARE, with the help of Enhance Training have held in-house disability services training. The Educare Disability course had funding provided through the Department for Industry & Skills, which provided graduates with opportunities for employment with SACARE as well as study pathways into the Certificate III in individual support (Disability) with Enhance Training. 

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My Journey to SACARE: Find that passion!

It has always been on my “To-Do List” to interview an “Employee of the Month” at SACARE. Well, time crept up and I’m yet to do one… until now! And guess who was awarded Employee of the Month for April? Me! So, I’m going to take the lead and start interview number one by interviewing myself. Here, I’ll share with you about my journey to and with SACARE, and why I think you should join me ;-) 


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World Sight Day: Philip & Tanya's Story

Imagine living a happy normal life, and within hours you become completely blind and lose your entire memory. This is Philip and Tanya’s story to raise awareness for World Sight Day Australia. What caused Phil’s blindness? How can blindness be prevented? What research is being done to help people regain their sight? By sharing Philip and Tanya’s story, it gives not only them a chance to tell people their story so we can better understand, but it also helps asks these questions that will hopefully one day have valid solutions. 

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Fighting Women’s Mental Health This Liptember

September? No, Liptember! For all of September, Australia is supporting women’s mental health. You may have noticed the great campaign that the women’s AFL have shared across social media and on TV this month, if not, watch it here. So as September comes to a close, we thought it would be a great idea to ask our SACARE blogger and Briarholm resident Alice, what makes her happy.