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SHARING OUR VOICE: Raising awareness for issues affecting SACARE clients and the local disability community

Clients and staff at Briarholm have started a new initiative to raise attention and report on things that matter in their own community. This new bunch of amateur journalists comprises of the 9 clients living in the house at Kingswood and their supporting staff. Led by activity coordinator Melissa Oxford, they will be reporting on things that affect themselves and others in the local disability community.

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SACARE Supporting Food For The Community

Having reliable access to affordable food is a growing problem in Australia, with 3.6 million Australian’s reported to have experienced food insecurity last year, and 27% of those (216, 000) were children. Just last year saw a 10% increase in the number of people requiring food relief. With charities and foodbanks stretched to their limits, there are so many Australian’s still left with food insecurities.  

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Why Dylan Alcott is an Important Voice in Australia

After an outstanding appearance on Q&A last month that managed to go viral, Dylan Alcott has been front and center of the disability community. With a vibrant personality and a refreshing attitude toward disability advocacy, Dylan is leading a new wave of awareness for the Australian disability community. Because of this we wanted to have a closer look at exactly who Dylan is and why voices like his are so important.