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Introducing Tammie, SACARE's new Occupational Therapist!

The SACARE team would like to introduce Tammie, our new Senior Occupational Therapist! We are so lucky to have Tammie with us, because of her extensive knowledge and expertise, along with her happy and genuine personality. Before we tell you more about Tammie, some of you may be asking, “What is Occupational Therapy?” 

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What it's like to live with Huntington's disease - a perspective from SACARE clients

The month of May has been Huntington’s Disease Awareness month, and it is a cause that is so important to us at SACARE. Huntington’s is an inherited digressive neurological disease that affects the individual’s ability to control movement, coordination, cognition, personality, and emotions. Huntington’s affects more than 1800 individuals in Australia, and there is currently no cure.