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5 Companies Making Inclusive Fashion

For those with disabilities or special needs, getting dressed can be a difficult task (although many of us may not realise it). Most of us don’t have to consider much when we buy clothes, beyond general fit and look... but also imagine having to take into consideration whether you can easily get something on and off. Having to figure out simpler ways to wear clothing should not be a necessity in your daily life, although it is a reality when you have a disability.

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Putting the Power in Their Partnership: Maria and Shelley

Have you noticed that we LOVE to share the stories of both our clients and our staff?
Well if you haven’t… we really do, and it even inspired us to run a company-wide competition to find the ultimate power-duos. What is a power-duo? Well, it's when two people work together to totally thrive in life! It's when a support worker is able to help someone live their best life. It's about respect for each other, appreciation and gratitude, but above all, it's about having fun together and making the most out of each other's day.