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SACARE Provides Eye-opening Leadership Course for Staff

Last week a group of SACARE leaders completed a six-week leadership course facilitated by Matt Cesaro and Mia Handshin from The Change Department. Matt Cesaro founded The Change Department with a passion to support individuals and organisational leaders to grow their awareness and confidence, to evolve their behaviours and actions and to succeed in achieving their goals. This was the second successful program in which a portion of SACARE leaders were taken through. Marketing Manager Milly Toovey shares her experience… 

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Alice Waterman's Tips on How to Set Meaningful Goals

SACARE’s new THRIVE program officially launched last month. THRIVE is all about bettering the lives of our clients through the principles of positive psychology. It’s a new individualised program that uses a multidisciplinary approach to support and engage participants in the community living with a disability. Through a range of recreational activities, counselling and holistic therapies, THRIVE is determined to improve overall wellbeing, social and community engagement, and support participants to take control of their life in order to truly “thrive”.