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What I'd Like People to Know About Me

Did you know that 4.2 million Australians have a disability? That's a staggering 18.5% of the population. Thankfully, society is slowly starting to view people with disability as nothing out of the ordinary, by viewing everyone as equal. However there are still so many people who really have no idea how to talk to or how to react to someone with a disability. If you fit into this category, this is natural behavior, and don't worry you're not alone. Alice, one of SACARE's most charismatic and bubbliest residents at the Kingswood property, has open-heartedly shared with us 14 things that she would like people to know about her.  

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Babies bringing joy to SACARE

Last month the ABC news released a video about a baby that helped bring back memory and speech to an aged care resident with dementia. This made us realize that babies are more powerful than we probably think.

Babies and their mums are paying regular visits to residents in SACARE’s Supported Independent Accommodation facilities and everyone’s loving it! One of SACARE’s support workers at Tolley House, Melissa, has recently returned from maternity leave. While on leave, she brought her five month old daughter Charlotte into visit the clients and staff.