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Achieving Goals: Alice's Adventure at TAFE

At SACARE, we're always encouraging our clients to set and reach their goals to reach their fullest potential. Getting Clients to take advantage of their lives and identifying their strengths, interests, opportunities and challenges are key to setting goals.  

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What is the art of kindness?

Resilience in the workplace, resilience in life. Last week at SACARE, Alex Killey, the Lifestyle Coordinator shared with us the top tools for resilience and wellbeing. In lead up to the presentation, we each completed a character strengths test, which enabled us to know more about the qualities that come to us more naturally.  

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How to speak to people with severe disabilities

Communication is one of, if not the most fundamental tools to connect, to share a message and to allow you to express your thoughts. As human beings, we communicate with one another through various forms, including body language, writing, art, and the most obvious… speaking. Expressing your voice can be a challenging and an often daunting task to some, let alone speaking to someone with a disability. As Lifestyle Coordinator at SACARE, I’d like to share my experiences on how I speak to clients who have a disability.