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Houseboat Holiday on the River Murray

Some people say, “You’re either a beach person or a river person”. River people, you know how much fun the river can be, need we say more, but beach people, we think it’s time to try something different this summer holiday and check out the absolutely breathtakingly beauty that the Murray River in South Australia has to offer. 

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Riding for the Children’s Charity

Vrooooooooom!!! This is the sound that we’ll be hearing over the next four days (19-22 October) as five of SACARE’s members including SACARE founders Sue and Andrew Marshall, their daughter Chloe Kempe her husband Mark, and Karin Semmelmann, as they take ride in the V2 Motorcycle Run.  

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New Logo: Tagline Competition!

Have you noticed our little Jumper character on our website? Well, he’s been a part of our new logo and has appeared to say ‘hi’, but he’s so excited he cannot wait anymore! So here it is, the brand NEW SACARE logo: 

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How Someone with a Disability Can Make Friends

This week it’s Mental Health Week. Did you know that 1 in 5 Australians are affected by a mental illness of some sort. In any one year, around 1 million Australian adults have depression, and over 2 million have anxiety. Why we get depressed or anxious stems down to many reasons, however one of the most common is that feeling of being alone and not having that support network that you need.  

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World Sight Day: Philip & Tanya's Story

Imagine living a happy normal life, and within hours you become completely blind and lose your entire memory. This is Philip and Tanya’s story to raise awareness for World Sight Day Australia. What caused Phil’s blindness? How can blindness be prevented? What research is being done to help people regain their sight? By sharing Philip and Tanya’s story, it gives not only them a chance to tell people their story so we can better understand, but it also helps asks these questions that will hopefully one day have valid solutions.