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3 Mental Health Initiatives in South Australia

How have you been? We thought we'd check in to see if your mental health has been acknowledged during Mental Health Awareness Month and share with you some fantastic services that are available for people who need support.

Three services that we believe have a unique space in the mental health sector in South Australia include, the Be Well Tracker created by the SAMRHI Wellbeing and Resilience Centre, Connected Self a therapy service off of Halifax street in Adelaide CBD, and THRIVE Life Goal Mentoring.  

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SAHMRI's "Be Well" Tracker

Be Well Tracker is a free app to download which will give you access to your own mental health report. This report will also support research in the mental health sector.  If you are not sure how your mental health is, this is a great resource to use or to assist people in the community for free.

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Connected Self Therapy Space

Connected Self is a small therapy space in the Adelaide CBD that provides some interesting therapies and qualified therapists to support individuals, families and organisations.  As we know, not one style of therapy is for everyone, this is a great place as they create individualised person-centred therapy plans.

THRIVE Life Goal Mentoring

THRIVE Life Goal Mentoring is a program run by a Diversional Therapist and supported by SACARE's THRIVE Therapy Services to assist people to achieve their meaningful goals.  This program supports people who need a little extra encouragement to participate in their lives through activities that improve emotional wellbeing.  

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