Get the Support You Deserve from Disability Services through an Independent Supported Living Program

Too often care for people with disabilities, especially complicated issues, focuses on implementing a broad program that consists largely of efforts one might term "maintenance mode." In other words, the care you receive doesn't focus on your whole well-being; instead, it focuses on maintaining your health at an acceptable level. Before the roll-out of the NDIS, this issue was exacerbated by the frequent lack of personalised care plans. As you surely know, that's an approach that doesn't frequently yields the results you'd like. Now, though, access to independent disability services is much easier to come by — and options for improving your quality of life and general level of satisfaction are plentiful.

At SACARE, we're proud of the work we've done to apply progressive thinking to the disability care sector. Proper care shouldn't focus solely on just one area, such as maintaining an appropriate baseline of health and wellness. Instead, it should encourage, enable, and support independence and a rich, fulfilling life. With our supported independent living program, we do away with the bland, clinical approach to care and replace it with the opportunity to embrace life and your community in one of several of our attractive, fully equipped facilities. The SACARE difference is immediate, from the exterior architecture to the warm support you'll find inside the walls of your accommodation.

What do participants experience in a supported independent living program?

The first step, after determining your NDIS eligibility, includes the initial development of your Personal Care Plan. This development can involve several steps as we get up to speed on your condition and the type of care you require. Most importantly, the SACARE team wants to learn about what you want from your care and your life. When you choose to transition to one of our locations, the goal is not only to make you feel comfortable and welcome, but excited about what the future can hold, too.

With a professional team of therapists skilled in both social and behavioural therapy, you can set goals and work towards achieving them. Fun activities and opportunities ranging from hydrotherapy to art enrich your experience and can open the door to learning new skills. Whoever said that you had to be satisfied with things as they are today? We want to help you discover things as they could be tomorrow.

SACARE's compassionate staff is ready to help

We aim to make the difference in our approach to disability support apparent from the moment you first contact SACARE. As a family-owned business with nearly two decades of experience, we have a well-developed understanding of this space and the issues facing those with disabilities. That's what has allowed us to become leaders in our industry and to offer a better way to live and grow as human beings, no matter one's abilities. With that in mind, we invite you to learn more about what motivates us and to read some testimonials from satisfied residents and SACARE team members. For full details about our independent living support services, please explore our information on these options. Don't forget to download your free informational flyer, too.