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Alice's Adventures: Disney on Ice

Thursday, June 15, 2017


“9 Reasons Why I Liked Disney on Ice”

By Alice Waterman

On the 11 June, I went to see Disney on Ice at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre with my nurse, Lily and my carer, Laura.

Here are 9 reasons why I liked the show:

  1.  It was exciting to see "Frozen" on ice

  2. I liked how you could buy your favourite Disney person. 

  3. I liked the stage and lighting.

  4. I liked my new "Frozen" pillow that my nurse brought for me.

  5. I liked how you could see Olaf the snowman on stage. 

  6. I loved when all the Disney princesses came out on the stage at the start.

  7. I liked when my favourite song came on, "Let it Go". The lights were very special as they were all coming down from the roof. 

  8. I loved when Olaf sung the song about summer with the dancers (they were very good).

  9. For my final point, I liked when all the Disney characters came out.

You will love it!


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